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Reverse Mortgage Lender

Rose Medlen

Owner | Broker

NMLS #1679201 - CA DRE 00779096

(661) 472-0862

Is a reverse mortgage right for you?

It can be scary making a major decision concerning your biggest investment, the place that means the most to you. Deciding whether a reverse mortgage is right for you often requires education and expert advice. I hope that the material on my website helps you in this endeavor, and even better that we have the opportunity to get to know you and serve your retirement goals personally.

As your reverse mortgage specialist, and me personally having a reverse mortgage, my goal is to help people 62 and over by educating them about the best and safest reverse mortgage product choices for each individual's situation. Let's Retire Better!!

There is nothing worse than having to explain to a senior they don’t qualify because they owe too much on their mortgage and not enough equity. It is usually because they refinanced with cash out and now don’t have the money or equity.

The amount they qualify for is based on interest rates, equity and age.

I have an unmatched devotion to my clients. I strive to make the home buying or selling process as simple, and fun as possible. Let me work for you! I strive to deliver the most considerate solutions & personalized services to my customers to help them retire better.

The reverse mortgage market will still be strong and moving forward because so many seniors need the product. That is not going to change because retirement income is not keeping pace with seniors’ needs.

From ages 65 to 95, most people will have at least one big medical event, will need cash for a big repair on thier home, will need to help adult children financially, or need in home care. All of these events are expensive, and seniors don’t have the opportunity to increase their income as working people do.

People are living much longer than before and they will need to hang onto thier cash for all the unexpected things that happen in retirement. 

A reverse mortgage is meant for all the challenges one faces during retirement years, in a way no other mortgage can compare to. I always explain that an alternative would be a private loan from family members, or using IRAs or pension accounts.

I am a local consultant and you can count on meeting me in person, at your kitchen table, my office, or even your local Starbucks if you prefer. I absolutely love what I do! Because we specialize in reverse mortgages, you can count on the processing, underwriting and closing to fund loans faster and giving you the most cash available. From start to finish, I will be there with you every step of the way and look forward to making your experience a smooth and positive one. 

I know that the most important thing I could do for my clients is to keep them informed as to what’s going on. While the process seems simple to us, the client doesn’t understand why we can have delays in needing more information/documents as we go through the steps.

There hasn’t been a single client that wasn’t benefited by a personal visit from me. I don’t know the answer to getting a client educated without sitting with them and understanding their ‘needs and wants,’ not to mention, the chance to see the property that we’ll be inspecting for value.

Please don't hesitate to contact me today for a no obligation reverse mortgage evaluation. I would love the opportunity to speak with you.